• Agromet Decision Support System

    The Agromet Decision Support System (ADSS) of Bhutan is one of the key components of the Agro-meteorology Program. It was developed mainly to strengthen agro-met services. The web-based system (www.agromet.gov.bt) integrates weather forecast from NCHM and RIMES forecast. It would provide, real time monitoring, data analysis and comprehensive analytical tools and statistical information to support decision making across a range of temporal and spatial scales.

    Most farming decisions are based on recent and future climatic conditions. Some decisions entail short term weather forecasts such as 1-10 days rainfall and temperature for farm decisions (cultivation, fertiliser application, transplanting, sowing, pesticide application, irrigation and so on) while some decisions such as what to plant, how much to plant, varietal selection etc., require sub-seasonal and seasonal forecasts for decisions. However, it is important to note that climate forecasts are not the only determinant of a successful outcome as climate and weather forecast’s inherently comes with uncertainties. Understanding recent past and current climate conditions may be a more useful determinant of this success.